New York has a lot of places to ski that can accommodate a wide range of trip planning budgets. Lift tickets can cost anywhere from $25/day all the way up to almost $100/day, making them sometimes more expensive than a hotel room. The good news is that, whether you’re hitting the Catskills, the Alleghany Mountains, or the Adirondacks, there are plenty of ways to avoid paying window prices for lift tickets in New York. Take a look at the typical window rate for New York lift tickets in 2017-18; then compare these window rates to our online ticket prices.

Ski Resort 1-Day Adult
Window Rate
3-Day Adult
Window Rate
3-Day Ticket
Lift Ticket Deals
$66 N/A View Deals
$150 $61 View Deals
Big Tupper
TBA N/A View Deals
$96 N/A View Deals
Bristol Mountain
$123 N/A View Deals
Buffalo Ski Club
$150 N/A View Deals
$180 N/A View Deals
Dry Hill
$120 N/A View Deals
Four Seasons
$72 $13 View Deals
Gore Mountain
$222 $88 View Deals
Greek Peak
$223 $16 View Deals
Hickory Ski Center
TBA N/A View Deals
Holiday Mountain
$126 N/A View Deals
Holiday Valley
$225 N/A View Deals
$216 N/A View Deals
Hunter Mountain
$201 $114 View Deals
Kissing Bridge
$120 N/A View Deals
$168 $132 View Deals
Maple Ski Ridge
$114 N/A View Deals
McCauley Mountain
$90 $18 View Deals
Mount Peter
$162 N/A View Deals
Mount Pisgah
TBA N/A View Deals
Oak Mountain
$114 $19 View Deals
Peek n Peak
$147 N/A View Deals
Plattekill Mountain
$170 $40 View Deals
Royal Mountain
$135 N/A View Deals
Sawkill Ski Center
TBA N/A View Deals
Snow Ridge
$135 $32 View Deals
Song Mountain
TBA N/A View Deals
$168 N/A View Deals
Thunder Ridge
$120 N/A View Deals
Titus Mountain
$135 $23 View Deals
$165 $11 View Deals
West Mountain
$147 $29 View Deals
$262 $157 View Deals
Willard Mountain
$129 $5 View Deals
Windham Mountain
$231 N/A View Deals
Woods Valley
$129 $132 View Deals

Tips for Saving Money

One big way to save money on New York lift tickets is to take advantage of ski and stay packages at your local hotel. Ski resorts bundle in their lift ticket with the hotel room, giving you a combined discount on both. Not all resorts have these, but it’s definitely worth your while to check.

If you have schedule flexibility, you might take an even deeper look at the online discounts and packages that are available. You may be able to find a steal on an off-weekend or during the week. Then, whether it’s a short or long stay, you can plan your dates and trip around these bargain-basement prices.

Other ways resorts attract business is by giving coupons to local grocery stores and hotels in lieu of a package. These give you a flat discount on a lift ticket when purchased at the resort. It’s definitely worth asking your hotel front desk about. If they don’t have tickets, they can often tell you any other ways to save money on a lift ticket.

Like anything vacation related, you’re going to pay more for your ticket as your vacation day grows closer. By buying them ahead of time, you can garner a significant discount. These discounted lift tickets are usually limited however, so as soon as you know the dates you’re skiing, get your lift tickets online.

Get Your New York Lift Tickets with us

The last place you want to buy tickets is at the resort window. Once you’re there, you’re going to pay the maximum rate the ski area can charge. That’s because they know you want to hit the slopes and would rather pay for the convenience than try to hunt down a deal at the window. Don’t let yourself get caught paying full price.

We are constantly updating our database of New York lift tickets to help you make the best decision possible. Beyond saving you money with our online discounts, we can take the hassle and headaches out of the trip planning process. After all, it’s your time to relax and look forward to hitting the powder, not worry about how much tickets are going to cost.