There is nothing quite like spending a winter weekend enjoying the fresh powder and the crisp air while making your way down the slopes. Skiing and snowboarding at Holiday Mountain is a weekend well spent. However when looking to book a weekend at the beloved ski resort, the expenses can quickly add up. Finding discount Holiday Mountain lift tickets can be quite a simple thing to do if you know where to look. We constantly keep up to date with the latest discounts to help make sure you are finding the best prices for your next weekend away. Below are the ticket prices for the 2015/2016 ski season.

Avoid the window prices

When looking to save money on a ski vacation, one of the worst things you can do is wait until the last minute to buy your lift tickets. You will not find discount Holiday Mountain lift tickets at the window that is for sure. When you arrive at the mountain, dressed in all your ski gear and ready to head out onto the slopes the resort knows they can charge what they want and you will pay it. That is why looking in advance and booking lift tickets right away is the best way to ensure you are getting discount Holiday Mountain lift tickets. The best time to look for discount Holiday Mountain lift tickets is as soon as you know you are going to be booking a ski vacation, especially if you are planning a weekend away as a family. The cost of lift tickets can really add up. In most cases, the prices the resort charges at the window can be more than your accommodations when booking for multiple people. Make sure you check with us for the most up to date ticket prices.

Half-day tickets are not the best way to save

Holiday Mountain offers skiers and snowboarders the ability to buy half-day tickets. Many people believe this is a good way save some money. They are wrong. With a half-day lift ticket, you are often left waiting around all morning until you can use your ticket and get out on the mountain. There is even an option with Holiday Mountain where you can get a ticket for the four hours of night skiing. Not only will you have to find something to keep you, and possibly your family, occupied all day but you will also be missing out on the best snow. Because the groomers are more likely to smooth out the slopes first thing in the morning, by waiting until the afternoon or evening to ski you are giving up those groomed hills. Do yourself a favor and check with us for discount Holiday Mountain lift tickets. Don’t sacrifice your enjoyment for a bit more money in your pocket.