Home to two Olympic skiers, John “Louie” Ehrensbeck and Hank Kashiwa, McCauley Mountain is a well-known winter-sport playground in upstate New York. Despite its impressive list of Olympic visitors, it still offers budget-friendly slopes that are also free of crowds. With an average of 105 skiing days, this mountain is a great northeastern spot for newbies and experienced skiers alike. If this sounds like an ideal mountain, then check with us for the best discount McCauley Mountain lift ticket deals. We guarantee the best, most current discounts and pricing information available.

Disclaimer: McCauley Mountain’s website still advertises 2014-2015 season prices, so those are the prices we’re going by. If there’s an update, we’ll change the information.

Avoid Window Pricing

It’s not necessary to pay window prices, but many people do. On the surface window prices seem convenient, because they don’t require any prior planning. Consider, though, how much money could be saved if by planning ahead of time. Even planning one month out could save a significant amount of money. In order to set the best budget for a winter vacation, check with us and leave the window prices far behind.

Say No to Half-Days

Like window prices, half-day rates are deceptive. These rates usually offer the worst value and flexibility for money by advertising a tiny discount. Half-day rates give guests meager discounts for a considerably small amount of time on the mountain, and for that reason, they should be avoided. With discount McCauley Mountain rates available through us, half-day prices can be completely ignored.

Buy Early and Save

The best way to save money on a winter ski-trip is to plan ahead and plan early. In most cases the earlier guests browse prices, the better those prices will be. In order to score the best discount McCauley Mountain lift tickets, dedicate some time to figuring both a budget and timing for a trip. Because prices fluctuate often, and because McCauley Mountain offers limited discount lift tickets, it’s even more important to plan ahead and use us as a valuable resource. It’s our mission to keep potential skiers and snowboarders informed while also clueing them in on all available discounts.

Other Money Saving Tips

McCauley Mountain has discount tickets for many different events, including their Crazy Friday Special. “Ski with your Kids” hours are also advertised, and can be another excellent and budget-friendly option. We keep track of all McCauley Mountain deals, ensuring current information on new deals or discounts.

For skiers and snowboarders interested in visiting McCauley Mountain frequently, season passes are available and fairly reasonable. Preseason passes allow guests on the mountain before December 1st. Regular season passes allow guests on the mountain after December 1st, with a price hike. Family passes are also available. Like lift tickets, season pass rates may fluctuate – but you can trust us to keep track of any and all changes made.