Dubbed “New York’s friendliest mountain for skiing and snowboarding,” Oak Mountain Ski Center is a favorite of New Yorkers from all over the state. This Ski Center offers varied terrain and 3 lifts for winter sport adventurers of every level. The best way to experience the mountain is with discount Oak Mountain lift tickets – and they’re pretty easy to score. We’re here to offer the best, most current pricing on lift tickets, including deals and discounts.

Avoid Window Pricing

First and foremost, the surest way to save money on skiing and snowboarding is to avoid window prices. Most ski resorts bank on the possibility that guests will plan spontaneously and miss out on discounted prices. This is extremely easy to avoid, especially with our up to date pricing and ticket information. Window pricing often offers the worst value for a budget, so in order to avoid them, plan ahead.

Say No to Half-Days

Half-day prices seem like a good deal, especially for those not planning to spend a large amount of time on the mountain. However, half-day prices virtually guarantee that guests miss out on discount Oak Mountain lift tickets altogether. Like window prices, half-day tickets offer terrible value for money spent, and should be avoided at all costs.

Plan & Buy Early

By far, the best way to score discount Oak Mountain lift tickets is to buy them as early as possible. Purchasing tickets even a month early could save a huge chunk of money and take a lot of strain off of a vacation budget. Keep in mind, though, that prices often fluctuate and should be checked as early and often as possible.

We guarantee the best discount Oak Mountain lift ticket pricing available. We’ll also keep other Oak Mountain perks up to date, as some lift tickets come with perks such as free drinks or food vouchers.  Like ticket pricing, these offers change often. For best results, check with us and buy tickets early.

Other Ways to Save

If regular discount Oak Mountain lift tickets are unavailable, don’t fret. The Oak Runner Pass is also an excellent option. A multi-day pass offered for adults, children, and seniors, this bundle of tickets can be a great option for any budget.

Oak Mountain also has lift ticket packages which include rentals or food. Planning ahead can help guests score excellent deals with these packages. Specials are also offered for military, fire/EMS/police, and discounted lift tickets on Fridays. For the most current pricing information for all of those deals, make sure to browse our site.

Uniquely, Oak Mountain has pricing for those who only want to ski or snowboard on their beginner hill. For newbies, the price is definitely right; for a discounted rate novices can practice on Oak Mountain’s dedicated beginner hill for a full day. This can be an excellent option for families and groups with varying skiing or snowboarding abilities.