Song Mountain is a great place for families to spend a week or a weekend enjoying the fresh powder and the resort amenities. One of the most expensive elements of ski vacations are the lift tickets. With the increasing prices of resorts and skiing, the lift tickets can set you back almost more than the flights or gas it took to get you to the destination. With our help and a bit of research, you can find discount Song Mountain lift tickets to make your ski vacation even better. The list below are the window prices for the 2015/2016 ski season.

Steer Clear of the Windows

One of the worst things you can do is buy tickets at the window. This is where the resort can charge almost as much as they want. You are already dressed up with all of your gear, ready to head out on the slopes for a great day with the fresh powder. The resort knows that you will spend whatever it takes to get yourself out there as quickly as possible. Buying at the window means you will be paying premium prices for tickets. Do not fall for the trap of being unprepared. By doing a bit of research you can easily find discount Song Mountain lift tickets before your arrival. Make sure to check online. Buying in advance can be the best way to save money on your next ski vacation.

Half-day Tickets Are not the best option

Song Mountain resort offers lift tickets in three different groupings; four hour, eight our and night tickets. Buying a half day ticket may not be the best option when it comes to saving money either. Unless you plan on arriving at the ski hill as soon as it opens, buying a half-day ticket is a waste of your hard earned cash. You will either have to wait around until one in the afternoon when you can use that pass, or forfeit the hours you just spent in bed or getting ready. Any seasoned skier knows that the afternoon runs are not the best. The snow is often pushed around from the morning riders and later in the season it gets clumpy from melting with the nicer weather. You would be much better off by buying the tickets in advance. Make sure you check our website for the best prices before you travel.

Other ways to save

Because we always keep our discount Song Mountain lift tickets up to date, make sure you check back with us continuously to see what the latest savings are. Buying in bulk or combining accommodations with lift tickets are also great ways to save. The resort often collaborates with local hotels to help you get the most of your vacation without breaking bank. Whatever way you plan on saving money, just make sure to do your research before!