The Buffalo Ski Club always welcomes on and all to the slopes, and invites them to try out the group or private lessons that they offer. However, unlike many of the other mountains throughout scenic New York, the Buffalo Ski Club ski rentals are not something that you can get at the mountain resort. You have to either bring your own, or rent from nearby companies. Instead of bringing your ski equipment on the long journey, and having it cost you more, check out the latest rates from nearby facilities.

Save Additional Cash with Discounts

 When you speak with us ahead of time and book your skiing trip in advance, we can provide numerous discounts and offers to save you money during your trip. With everything from bundle deals to stay and play packages, you’re able to grab some cash. In the event that you do not book in advance, consider these fine shops for your Buffalo Ski Club ski rentals.

For ski rental packages provided by Colden Ski and Board shop, you can expect to spend $25 for a full rental, for a full day. This provides you with everything you need to hit the slopes. Leasing is also an option if you plan on skiing throughout the entire season, which saves money. Ski rentals and leases are also available with Upstate Ski, providing competitive pricing for those that visit.

 Keep These Ski Tips in Mind

 Always check your gear when you rent or lease. With Buffalo Ski Club ski rentals, you need to ensure that you’re renting top of the line, quality gear. This could be anything from Alpine, Roxy, Meier and Backcountry. Depending on your preference, and the state of the equipment, all of these brands provide durable options.

Helmets are optional, but highly recommended for those that are going down the slopes. When you obtain your Buffalo Ski Club ski rentals, it is recommended that you rent the helmet as well. This might be an added $5 – $10 charge on top of the ski rental package, but it can provide you with the safety you need while going down the slopes, especially if this is your first time.

The Buffalo Ski Club ski rentals are available from numerous shops nearby. Many of them will take your sizes, and even deliver and pick up the packages from you. This allows you to save additional time, and enjoy more of the resort during your time there. Hit the slopes, check out the lesson packages, and enjoy all that they have to offer.

List of Additional Ski Rental Businesses:

 Upstate Ski –

Phatman Boardshop –

Colden Ski and Board –