Holiday Valley provides families with a chance to head out on the slopes together. With many events and activities planned throughout the ski season, everyone has something to do. With affordable lift tickets and lessons provided, you’re able to have a great time when you head out. However, skip those expensive tickets when it comes to bringing your ski equipment with you on the plane. Find discounts in other ways, while still having the right amount of equipment needed for the slopes ahead.

Save Additional Cash with Discounts

 Book in advance, and speak with us regarding the discounts and deals that are out there. You should feel confident about the extra cash you can save, and also having a trip planned far enough out in advance that you can plan everything else around it. However, if you choose not to book so far out, consider the other options for Holiday Valley ski rentals out there.

With Holiday Valley ski rentals coming in at $31 per package, for the whole day, you might want to take a look at some of the nearby ski rental companies. Colden Ski and Board provides rentals for the full day starting at $25. This is a $6 difference, and they can do the fittings and delivery for the slopes if needed. The other rental shops in the area range between $23 and $30 per day for Holiday Valley ski rentals.

 Keep These Ski Tips in Mind

 Through the use of the right ski gear, and Holiday Valley ski rentals, you can ensure that safety comes first. Not only should the equipment be up to date and solid, but it should also be from reputable brands known throughout the skiing world such as Meier, Alpine and Columbia. The equipment should always be thoroughly checked before cashing out for the day. Don’t forget your helmet and a thick pair of wool socks, either.

Wool socks are a must on the mountains. Make sure to find wool that wicks away any and all moisture that might happen while skiing. This can leave your feet warm, as well as reducing the chances of blisters forming. They can also provide padding against the ski boots.

When heading out on an adventure, and finding the discounts on Holiday Valley ski rentals, you’re able to get much more for your trip. You can save some cash, and spend it in other ways during the vacation. This allows you to focus on the other things that come with the skiing vacation, and not just shuttling your gear back and forth.

List of Additional Ski Rental Businesses:

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