Hunter Mountain provides a way to head out on the crisp, open snow covered hills ahead. Bring a friend, go as a couple or bring the entire family for some fun in the snow. Head down the mountains, or learn how to ski or snowboard. With many ways to save money, this can be a trip worth checking out. Discounts are available for those that do not wish to bring their ski equipment, or do not own any. Grab your discounts today.

Use These Discounts to Save Additional Cash

 Plan your trip ahead of time through us. Not only can we find discounts on the Hunter Mountain ski rentals that are needed, but we can find other discounts worth using. With many stay and play packages available, as well as Hunter Mountain ski rentals, we make the most out of your trip, without having you spend the most. Of course, if it is later in the season and we are out of discounts, try these other ways to get more for your buck.

At Hunter Mountain, you can expect to get Hunter Mountain ski rentals for $55 for a full day, for one adult. When compared with other companies outside of the resort that are offering Hunter Mountain ski rentals, The Pro Ski and Ride provide performance packages starting at $22, but can go up to $40. Snow Bird provides Hunter Mountain ski rentals starting at $32, while Hunter Mountain Outfitters has high end ski equipment for rent starting at $25, but they also go as high as $40. Each of these outside companies provide a better deal for the visitor, rather than renting from Hunter Mountain Resort.

 Ski Tips for Those Heading Out

 When you’re heading out on the slopes, make sure that your Hunter Mountain ski rentals come with the protective helmet. This is a way to protect yourself, especially if you’re new to skiing, while you go down the slopes. Through the use of the helmet that is provided in the rental prices from The Pro Ski and Ride. The others charge $10 extra for the helmet.

Enjoy yourself when it comes to heading out on the snowy slopes ahead, and make the most of the Hunter Mountain ski rentals that you’ve scored. You can rent for further days, and receive a discount for using the equipment for more than one day. Book today, and ensure that you have a great time when you’re hitting the slopes and making the most of the trip.

List of Additional Ski Rental Businesses:

 The Pro Ski and Ride –

Snow Bird Ski Shop –

Hunter Mountain Outfitters –