McCauley Mountain is the perfect place to ski for those looking to brush shoulders with some of the best. Former ski Olympians, John “Louie” Ehrensbeck and Hank Kashiwa are often racing down the slopes at McCauley with tourists and regulars alike. In fact, there are many skiers who frequent McCauley that go on to be members of the U.S. Ski Team. What better way to learn or improve your skills than by skiing with some of the best? Even the best skiers often find it more cost effective and less stressful to rent skis if they are travelling far from home which is why knowing your options before travelling to McCauley Mountain is wise. Check with us for the best options when it comes to McCauley Mountain ski rentals with our relationships you’ll likely find up to twenty percent off.

Save money

With the cost of luggage continuously going up, especially for baggage that is overweight and the pain of packing your car full to the brim, it is generally a much better option to simply rent once you get to the ski hill. In fact the McCauley Mountain ski rentals have some of the most diverse options when it comes to equipment. Anything from goggles, snow pants and jackets, winter gloves, hats, helmets or base layer clothing can be rented from most McCauley Mountain ski rental shops at very reasonable prices.

Tune up Ski Down

Generally, ski equipment from McCauley Mountain ski rental shops come tuned and ready to ride. Beginner skiers don’t often realize the benefit to having tuned equipment but there are plenty. A simple ski tune often includes freshly waxed skis and snowboards, sharpened edges and a brushing. A fresh wax is done on skis with wax and an iron melting the wax into the base of the ski or board and then scraped off after a couple of hours. This helps the skier get down the mountain quicker as the wax heats the base of the ski against the snow making it move faster. A sharpened edge on the ski or board helps riders really dig the edges in to make turns smoother and more rounded. The edges are sharpened by a nail file like device along the metal edge. It’s always easy to tell if a ski has been sharpened, just brush your hand in an upward motion along the edge of the ski. Tuning helps advanced skiers and boarders stay safe and well equipped no matter what the terrain.

Rental shops in the area include:

The Ski and Snowboard Warehouse: