Mount Peter has a bit of an interesting and famous history when it comes to how they were established back in 1936. The hill was originally created for Macy’s Department store to have a way to show off their latest ski fashions. This interesting marketing tactic quickly caught on when skiers and snowboarders realized how great a day on these slopes was. As the oldest ski hill in the state of New York and one of the last truly family-operated resorts, it is hard to pass up a day here. There are fourteen trails at the resort and one terrain park, giving plenty of opportunity and acres for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy. Of course the best way to enjoy a weekend of weeklong trip to Mount Peter is to eliminate as much stress as possible by getting Mount Peter ski rentals upon arrival. Make sure to check with us as we will have some of the best pricing for Mount Peter Ski rentals around.

Renting ski equipment at Mount can be cheap and convenient. There are great prices for packages for adults or children no matter what skill level they have on the slopes. It is important to remember though, in order to rent ski or snowboarding equipment at any Mountain Peter ski rental shops you will need a valid credit card and a proper drivers license for security deposits. Riders must be eighteen to rent equipment or be with a parent or guardian who would be able to sign for them. It is always important to know specifics before travelling to help take the stress off.

For beginner skiers and snowboarders having the proper gear is always recommended. Even though Mount Peter is known for it’s fashion, there’s nothing fashionable able being too cold out on the hills you can’t get out and enjoy the day. Make sure to wear proper long johns, or long underwear. These are shirts and pants that are thin but add an extra layer underneath your clothes to help you stay warm. Proper socks are also always important. Ski socks are much thicker than regular socks so be sure to bring them when trying on ski boots to make sure everything fits properly. Having warm and dry feet on the slopes can make the difference of an enjoyable day or a terrible one.

If you’re looking for a deal with Mount Peter ski rentals there are many options in the area worth checking out. These include:

Miller Ski and Sport:

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