Snow Ridge has twenty-one ski hills, six chairlifts and three terrain parks to ensure a enjoyable and successful day on the slopes no matter what your skill or ability. With so many ski lifts at the hill skiers and snowboarders will definitely be enjoying more time spent racing down the hill than in line waiting to go up. With more intermediate ski hills, those with a little more experience on snow will certainly enjoy their day carving through fresh powder. Night owls will also enjoy night skiing from Wednesday to Saturday. The big debate about whether to bring personal equipment or rent at the hill can usually be solved with Snow Ridge ski rentals from many companies in the area. If you’re looking for Snow Ridge ski rentals be sure to check with us first as we can help save you up to twenty percent on packages.

Rent and save

Skiers and snowboarders can choose to rent equipment for a day or just at night depending on what they are looking for in their Snow Ridge ski rentals. All day ski packages start at just nineteen dollars and night skiing packages start at sixteen. With some of the cheapest rental prices in New York it would be hard to argue over the benefits of bringing personal ski equipment. This is especially true when considering the cost of extra luggage or luggage weight, or even how much room and space in a car personal equipment can take up for those travelling with families or groups of friends.

Knowing your equipment

Experienced staff at any Snow Ridge ski rental shop can always tell you how to rent proper equipment depending on skill and ability. Beginners can often find it overwhelming knowing what to choose with so many options with brands and lengths. A general rule of thumb is knowing your weight and height when it comes to skis. The longer the ski, the faster it will go and the harder it will be to turn on the slopes. The smaller the ski, the easier it will be to turn as shorter skis are usually used for slalom skiing, short quick turns down the hill. A staff member will be able to help you with the calculations. DINS on skis are the strength and tightness of ski boots in bindings. There is a calculation using the weight of a skier to determine what your DINS should be set at. The higher the DIN level the harder it is for you to pop out of your skis incase of a fall. This is not always a good thing, skis that stay on can be dangerous during a fall because that is how you can get twisted and break a bone. However, DINS that are too loose can result in you popping out of your skis when you’re not meant to which can result in more falls. Finally ski poles should be high enough that your arms make a ninety degree angle when standing with your equipment on, and should always come with pole straps. Knowing your options will help you enjoy your day out on the slopes that much more and you can feel confident in Snow Ridge Ski Rental Shop to help you!

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