Located in the scenic area of New York, Song Mountain provides the chance for a thrill of a lifetime. With many different slopes open during operating season, you have your choice between a few. If you’re looking for ways to skip bringing your own equipment, and saving cash for this exciting adventure, consider Song Mountain ski rentals and the many places around the mountain you can rent from.

Save Additional Cash with Discounts

 Discounts are something that you’re able to get with Song Mountain ski rentals. When you book in advance, before the season even starts, we can provide you with a thorough selection of different rentals and other discounts for the trip you’re going to be planning. However, if you cannot plan your trip in advance, consider these other ways to grab some discounts while hitting the mountains of New York.

Another way to save cash while on your trip is to search through various Song Mountain ski rentals nearby. Not only will these places provide an all-inclusive ski package for the equipment needed, but it just might be cheaper from them than from the rental booth at the mountain. Song Mountain ski rentals start at $26 per adult full package rental for skis, while Upstate Ski provides you with many options to lease for longer periods of time, purchase for liquidated discount rates or rent for the day.

 Keep These Ski Tips in Mind

 When you visit the ski stores around the area, or you’re obtaining Song Mountain ski rentals, don’t forget to grab wool socks that wick away moisture. These will not only keep your feet warm and dry, but they can also provide padding while wearing the ski boots down the mountain.

Don’t skip the helmet that comes with the package. This is one of the biggest safety concerns when going down the slopes, and you want to ensure that you’re fully prepared and safe to go down the slopes. Helmets might also be rented for an extra charge, but this extra charge is worth it.

Song Mountain provides everyone with a chance to hit the slopes, learn how to ski and get more out of their trip. Finding discounts on rentals can be much easier than having to bring all of your gear with you to the vacation of a life time. Whether searching for a quality place to go with the family, or just looking to head out on your own, Song Mountain ski rentals can make sure you’re fully equipped for the slopes that they provide.

 List of Additional Ski Rental Businesses:

 Upstate Ski – http://upstateskiandboard.com/

Phatman Boardshop – phatmanboardshop.com