Swain Mountain Ski Resort is a popular place for many visiting the upstate New York area to visit. Not only do they have a wide range of slopes, but they also provide lessons for those that wish to learn during their time on the slopes. However, if you’re traveling from far off then you might want to spend less, not more, to have fun on the slopes. Not bringing your own ski gear can save you cash on the flight or travel expenses, and through these other discounts you can save additional money.

Use These Discounts to Save Additional Cash

 For Swain Mountain ski rentals at the resort, you can expect to find rentals in the range of $27 for a full day. However, boots and helmets are an additional charge of $6. Total, this would be $33. If renting from a company outside of the resort, you can expect to pay around $25 to $30 for a full day rental for all of the equipment that is needed to hit the slopes. Colden Ski and Board and The Ski Company both are highly recommended from those in the area that frequent this slope.

If you’re able to plan ahead, make sure to speak with us ahead of time. We may be able to find the latest and greatest deals that are happening. Not only can we provide discounts on Swain Mountain ski rentals, but we can provide an assortment of other discounts on lodging, lift and other packages that Swain Mountain Ski Resort may have during that time.

 Ski Tips for Those Heading Out

 Helmets are important, and even though they’re not given out in the Swain Mountain ski rental packages, they are worth it to have. You need to be protected when you go onto the slopes and head down, and through the use of a high quality, durable helmet, you can be. Spending the extra $5 to $10 might save you money on the hospital bills if you choose not too.

Wool socks are essential for hitting the slopes. You need to protect your feet, as well as your head. Thicker wool socks that can wick away the moisture are recommended for those that wish to have great foot care while skiing.

Swain Mountain ski rentals can provide you with a way to save cash, but also ensure that you can still go down the slopes. By using the nearby companies, or choosing to purchase the rentals for a longer period of time, you can save additional cash for the trip you’re going to be making. Hit the slopes today and find out about their lessons they provide.

List of Additional Ski Rental Businesses:

 Upstate Ski – http://upstateskiandboard.com/

Ski Company – skicompany.com

Phatman Boardshop – phatmanboardshop.com

Colden Ski and Board – http://www.coldenskiandboard.com/