Packing up and bringing all of that ski gear with you seems tiring when you’re headed on a trip to Thunder Mountain. Skip those long waits and expensive tickets, and find places where you can rent your skis and other equipment before hitting the slopes. This will not only save you money, but save you time and one big hassle. Thunder Ridge is a beautiful ski resort that provides many activities for both the new and experienced skier. When you’re heading out on an adventure, check out Thunder Ridge for all of the fun in the snow you could ask for.

 Finding Quality Thunder Ridge Ski Rental Discounts

 There are numerous discounts that you can find throughout the area of Thunder Ridge Ski Resort. When looking for Thunder Ridge ski rentals, speak with us ahead of time and book your trip in advance. We may be able to offer you many different discounts on lift, stay and play and ski rental packages that we have available. If you need to book closer to your trip, please feel free to try these other means of Thunder Ridge ski rentals.

For an entire ski rental package with Thunder Mountain, including the helmet, you are looking at around $40. This can be ideal for every day that you use the equipment, but it can become costly if you’re visiting the area for more than a weekend at a time. Obtaining Thunder Ridge ski rentals off site can also provide you with more of a selection, and sometimes better pricing. The Ski Haus provides package deals for renting equipment with them for a longer period of time, around $130 per adult. They also come with a pack of discount lift tickets that you’re able to use at Thunder Ridge when you go back to hit the slopes, saving you even more cash.

 Dont Forget These Ski Tips

 Always pack your thick wool socks, but also make sure that your rentals are from reputable, high quality ski companies. You want stability and durability while going down the mountain, and without the most ideal brands out there that are made to last, you may feel more uncomfortable doing so. Some top ski brands that you should choose Thunder Ridge ski rentals for are Volcom, Alpine, Meier and Dalbello. All of which are rated as top quality ski gear and brands.

Thunder Ridge ski rentals can be found almost anywhere in the places between where you’re coming from, and where you’re going. You are able to grab even the most affordable vacation when you choose to visit Thunder Ridge, and take advantage of many discounts that come around each and every day.

 Ski Shops Located Next to Thunder Ridge:

 Ski Haus: