Titus Mountain in New York is the perfect place to ski for all skill types. With three mountains joined together, Titus has an equal amount of beginner, intermediate and advanced ski hills no matter what skill level or preference. In total there are fifty trails giving skiers and snowboarders plenty of opportunity to take advantage of the fresh powder and large terrain. Eleven of the hills are even open during the nighttime making the perfect place for night owls to get their time out on the slopes, and in most cases the less busy hills. One thing to remember when planning your trip to New York is to consider whether you will be bringing your own skis and snowboarding equipment or renting. Renting equipment through Titus Mountain ski rentals can save you money in luggage fees and stress when packing an already full car. Check with us for your Titus Mountain ski rental prices as we have the best prices around, often saving you up to twenty percent.

Choose to rent

Titus Mountain ski rental shops have large selection of ski rentals for those who decide not to bring their own equipment. It is often the more cost effective choice doing this when considering the extra costs of bringing personal equipment on a plane, or the amount of room the rental equipment will take up for those driving in. If you are travelling with a group, you may be able to find even better pricing on Titus Mountain ski rentals.

High performance rentals

For more advanced skiers, also has high performance equipment so you don’t feel as if you will be sacrificing your skiing ability by spending a day on skis that aren’t quite up to the technology you’re used to. Choosing to rent is sometimes a great way to figure out different types of skis or boards if you’re in the market for buying as well. Make sure to call ahead or do a bit of research to figure out what types and brands are available for your day so you can try and reserve them in advance. Titus Mountain ski rentals

The most important part of spending a day on the slopes is safety so it is highly recommended that you take advantage of the low cost of renting helmets. You can never be too careful on the slopes.

For those travelling from the south looking for Titus Mountain ski rentals it may be beneficial to check out Lake Placid Ski and Board shop on your way in to the hill (lakeplacidskiandboard.com). For those travelling from the East, Maui North Ski, Bike and Board is also a great option (mauinorth.net). Whatever you choose, make sure to visit us first for great deals and lots of information!