West Mountain has been providing skiers and snowboarders with perfect days on the snow for over fifty years and is a staple in Albany, New York. With over thirty trails and 126 acres, skiers and snowboarders can also enjoy great views of the Hudson River and the Adirondacks. Besides the great views, the hills range from gentle and easy slopes to expert terrain no matter the skill or type of hills you are looking for. Because of West Mountain’s convenient location close to the Canadian border there are many travellers that come to ski at the resort from afar. This often means the age old question, to rent or bring your own equipment? West Mountain ski rentals are always a great option when considering cost. Make sure to check with us first as we could save you close to twenty percent off ski rentals.

Save money and rent

For travellers driving across the border or even across state lines, piling up personal equipment in the back of the car can often be difficult, annoying and stressful. That is why West Mountain ski rentals provide great options. With a stock ranging from anywhere of Elan or Rossignol skis and Burton or Rossignol snowboards renters can be rest assured they are only getting the best. Renters looking for West Mountain ski rentals can choose between packaged offers of skis, boots and poles or rent individually based on need for low prices. It’s always best to make sure to call in advance to check availability before heading out for your trip. It is often hard to know what the traffic will be like on the mountain for any particular weekend and it would be a shame to arrive and not be able to get proper equipment due to too many skiers and snowboarders beating you to the punch.

Remember safety on the hills

Having proper ski and snowboarding equipment is not just a comfort thing, it is also a safety issue. Having boots that are too small often result in feet moving around too much in the boots and if they are not tight enough, one spill on the hill can have you flying right out of those boots. Proper skis are probably more important however. It is a general rule that the longer and bigger the ski is for an individual the faster they go. Proper skis are measured by a persons height, weight and skill level. If a ski is too long for a person and they do not have the skill to navigate a heavy long ski, disaster can occur. Another important factor for safety is a helmet. Always make sure to take advantage of the low cost of renting helmets. If you’re looking for West Mountain ski rentals there are many shops to choose from in the area but be sure to visit us for the most accurate and best pricing.

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