Windham Mountain Ski Resort is the destination place for many residents that live in the area. They have a wide assortment of both winter and spring activities that can be planned. When you visit the slopes, consider the many ways you can grab discounts on all of the available items. You’re able to make use of many of them during your trip. Skip packing all of that heavy gear and make sure to jump on with some of these discounted Windham Mountain ski rentals.

Use These Discounts to Save Additional Cash

 One of the best ways to go about planning your trip to Windham Mountain Ski Resort is to ensure that you purchase ahead of time. Not only can you grab your tickets, but you’re able to get the Windham Mountain ski rentals, and other stay and play packages that will bundle and save you money. This is a great consideration to make when trying to save cash. However, if you cannot plan ahead, consider these other discounts.

Purchasing Windham Mountain ski rentals from companies off of the resort can save additional cash. The rates for rentals at the resort run around $44 per full day for an adult. Different ski packages from Windham Mountain Outfitters start at $27 for a basic package, but can run up to $40 for a full day. When renting from the Snow Bird Ski Shop, you can expect to spend around $32 for a full day adult package that provides everything you need. Each provides a savings from $4 to $27, depending on the package that you choose.

 Ski Tips for Those Heading Out

 When it comes time to head out on the slopes, it is always a good idea to check out the equipment that you’re renting. You should have the latest, and highest grade performance gear that is in great shape. You can choose from many of the high end ski equipment for your Windham Mountain ski rentals such as Volcom, Meier and Volkl.

Don’t forget that helmet. These are sometimes included with the rental fees, and are with the resort rentals, as well as from Windham Mountain Outfitters. However, the helmets can be purchased separately when purchasing Windham Mountain ski rentals from Snow Birds.

Enjoy all that the slopes offer you at Windham Mountain Ski Resort. Bring the entire family and make a day trip out of it, or spend some alone time flying down the hills. With snow covering every single inch, make sure to dress for the occasion and have the best time that you can with such an exciting snow sport that is meant for one and all.

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