Located on the eastern edge of the Adirondacks, Gore Mountain is the largest resort in New York. Gore features 109 trails that sprawl out over 446 skiable acres across four peaks, with multiple glades and terrain parks to challenge advanced skiers. The difficulty mix across the mountain is 10 percent beginner, 51 percent intermediate, 34 percent advanced and 4 percent expert. Gore also has one of the highest verticals on the east coast, with a peak that rests at 3600 feet, towering over a base lodge at 997 feet. The total vertical over the entire mountain measures out to 2537 feet.

The Trails

There are seven basic areas where you can test out your skis. Beginners will want to stick to the North Side and the Northwoods Area (also known as the East Side). These two areas encompass 185 acres with 38 trails and six glades. Make sure to hit the gentle cruiser along the left side of the area. Take the Adirondack Express II up and then ride the Sunway all the way back down.

Intermediate skiers will enjoy the Topridge, the North Creek Ski Bowl, and the Burnt Ridge Area. Be warned, however; there are still some hidden black diamonds in these areas that can lead the unwary into some wicked steeps and challenging turns. All told, in these three zones, you’ll find 25 trails and 9 glades to mix things up.

For experts, you’re going to find the most fun at High Peaks and Straight Brook. These two zones are home to some of the most difficult terrain in New York, so venture here at your own risk. At Straight Brook, you’re going to want to visit the double black steep, The Rumor. Whether you attempt this run (it’s got one of the steepest inclines on the East Coast) or just watch to see if anyone holds a garage sale, you’re going to be entertained. All told, there are 32 trails and 9 glades over 86 acres, with almost all of the trails single or double black diamond rated.

The Bottom Line

You’re definitely going to have fun when you visit Gore. Just know that it’s going to be a little crowded on weekends and holidays. Lift lines are never that long, however; for the best runs, get there at opening before the skiers turn the lanes into slush.

The après-ski at Gore is always lively. On the mountain, one of the favorite places to gather is the Corduroy Café, where Uinta Yard Sale is on tap. For a special treat, try one of their old fashion Maple Egg Cream Sodas. Another favorite gathering spot is at the Base Lodge in the Tannery Pub. Whether you rest your ski-weary legs in a booth or relax on the deck, there’s plenty of great food and drinks to be had.

Gore Mountain really does have something for everyone, and it’s no wonder that this mountain remains a favorite destination for families and hard-core skiers alike.