Plattekill Mountain prides itself on being an authentic mountain. They are family-friendly and have been offering family fun for many years. In fact, they claim all skiers and snowboarders who visit their mountain to actually BE family! You are not just a number or stat coming in to use their facilities. They want to make sure you feel at home during your stay and want to come back time and time again. The mountain is even now owned by two skiers that met at the mountain! If that’s not a romantic story, I’m not sure what is. When booking your trip to Plattekill Mountain you will want to make sure you booking your hotel in advance. The winter season is short and the weekends are even shorter so hotels often fill up quickly, especially because there are not as many options nearby as some of the bigger mountains have.

A lot of skiers and snowboarders prefer to stay in a hotel when they are travelling. It is easy, the beds are made for you every day and they usually come with quite a number of great amenities. There are three options near the mountain when it comes to a hotel stay. The Roxbury Hotel and Spa is the closest to the mountain only five miles away. The rooms are luxurious, so luxurious in fact they were listed as one of the best hotels in the country! Not too far from there you will find Hanah Mountain Resort and Country roughly ten miles from Plattekill Mountain. There are roughly thirty hotel rooms so this hotel often fills up quickly in the wintertime. Lastly, you will find the Catskill Seasons Inn. This hotel is a little bit further away from the mountain at about twenty-five miles. The great thing about this hotel is that there are rooms to fit all budgets. There are some higher-end rooms and some that are more budget friendly as well.

When it comes to Motels and Suites nearby there are a number of options. All of them range from five miles to twenty miles from the mountain. The closest option to the mountain is Queens Mountain Lodging. Other options include; The Colonial Motel, Catskill Suites, Bed and Eggs and The Andes Hotel.

For skiers and snowboarders looking for a more intimate stay near the mountain Bed and Breakfasts are always fantastic options. With a bed and breakfast you generally get to save money without losing out on quality. Because there are so few rooms, owners are typically very attentive and accommodating. Plus, as the name suggests, breakfast is included which is never a bad thing. There are four bed and breakfasts located in and around Plattekill Mountain; Breezy Hill Inn, Catskills Bed and Breakfast and Spa, Carriage House Inn and Scudder Hill House.

No matter where you choose to stay during your next visit, or first visit, to Plattekill Mountain you are sure to enjoy yourself. Just remember to book your hotel, motel or bed and breakfast as soon as possible to get the best deals and to ensure a nights’ stay.