Windham Mountain is a mid-sized resort located southwest of Albany in central New York. Clocking in with an area of 285 acres of skiable territory, the ski area has 54 named trails with a difficulty mix of 30 percent novice, 43 percent intermediate, and 27 percent advanced. Windham also offers a large area of off-piste skiing and six progression terrain parks. Annual snowfall at Windham averages about 100 inches annually, and supplements this with snowmaking coverage over 280 acres. The vertical at Windham Mountain varies depending on which peak you start from. East Peak has an elevation of 3100 feet and West Peak has an elevation of 3050 feet. With the base lodge located at 1500, the vertical varies between 1550 and 1600 feet.

Moving Around the Mountain

If it’s your first time, Whisper Run is a short novice trail that runs downslope from the base lodge and has a dedicated series of lifts to ferry you back up. D Lift and C Lift both lead to some great beginner-rated cruisers, with C also allowing access to two progression parks. That isn’t to say that novice skiers are stuck at the lower altitudes. For longer meandering enjoyment, take the D-lift up, then head down to the boarding area for the High Speed East Peak Express quad. When you get off, head east for a long sedate run down the Wanderer which skirts the edge of the park boundaries.

For intermediates, there are a few options. If you’re after speed, hit the Whistler Run off the Whirlwind Express Quad. This steep is almost a fall line run, and takes a slightly wavy path through the woods, keeping you on your toes. If you want a few more trees to complicate things, head into the Whirlwind, but be ready for the terrain park near the bottom, or the boxes and rails may make your trip a little more interesting.

Expert skiers should definitely be hitting the West Peak, if only for the steeps and drops on Upper Wipeout. For sheer speed, Upper Wolverine is a steep that will keep you coming back for more. If glades are what you like, Whataride and Upper Wipeout have enough trees to keep you smelling pine sap for days after you take off your boots. A slightly less hairy (but still wicked fast) steep follows the fall line under the East Peak Express Quad; the first third of the run will let you know that you are really just Winging It.

Après Ski, Après Ski

The lodges at Windham have a lot to offer for after-hours fun. Multiple locations at both the base and midmountain areas have food and drink to offer. Whether you’re in the mood for beer and BBQ, sushi, or just plain Americana, there’s somewhere on Windham that offers something for you. There’s also Winwood Inn located nearby which is home to Rock’n Mexicana. With signature margaritas and numerous beers on tap, this watering hole is a boisterous favorite after-hours gather ground for skiers and locals alike. Keep in mind, that if this is your first time at Windham, you have to stop by The Waffle Cabin between A and D lifts, not just for the authentic Belgian Waffles, but also for the hot apple cider.